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Duterte on presidential bets: I won't support anybody at this time

President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he would not support any presidential candidate in Eleksyon 2022 unless he would see what he called "a compelling reason" to do so in the coming months.

On the eve of the start of the three-month campaign period for national positions, Duterte said almost all of those running for president asked him for support "in one way or the other."

"Almost all of the candidates in one way or the other, communicated to me na nakipag usap, nanghingi ng suporta," said Duterte in his Talk to the People.

"I may in the end if I see that my advice, maybe endorsement, could help kung kailangan. But at this time, I  am saying that I'm not supporting anybody," he added.

"Unless there is a compelling reason for me to change my mind I decide to support a candidate," Duterte said.

In his previous public briefing, Duterte said he will identify corrupt and unfit presidential bets in due time.

Duterte appeared on national television on Monday after he went on quarantine following his exposure to a COVID-19-positive member of his household staff.

He skipped his usual briefing the week before.

Duterte said all the presidential candidates were qualified but expressed doubt that they should negotiate peace with the communists.

"All of them they are all qualified. Those running now are qualified to be president," Duterte said.

"Okay ang tingin ko sa kanila except of misgivings of danger of falling into the hands of getting into the trap of the communists kasi para sa akin it's about too late to be talking about peace talks," he added.

He pointed out that many law enforcers lost their lives fighting communist groups.

"I don't think the military will be happy about it and also the police. Because we have suffered deaths, patay. Marami na for fighting a cause that reel to nothing to relevance of ideology," Duterte said.

"Wala na. I see my soldiers and my police because I am a commander of chief. Every time I lose a life, one or two or three.  It grieves me," he added.

Duterte in late January said he would spill the beans on the presidential aspirants in Eleksyon 2022  "in due time."

He said he would reveal who among the presidentiables was the "most corrupt" and who he thought lacked the know-how to become president.

"In due time, I will personally name the candidates, maybe what is wrong with them. Kailangan malaman ng tao [the people need to know] because you are electing a president," Duterte said.

"[I will tell you] kung sino iyong pinaka-corrupt na kandidato. Hindi ako namumulitika [I will tell you who is the most corrupt candidate. I am not politicking]. I am talking to you as your president. There are things you must know," he added. —NB, GMA News