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Pacquiao hits back at critics: 'Ang pinakabobo dito sa bansa natin 'yung boboto ng magnanakaw'

Presidential candidate Senator Manny Pacquiao has lashed out at his critics who claim he is dumb, saying that voting for corrupt officials in the May elections is even more foolish.

"Bayan, bayan... sinasabi nila si Manny Pacquiao mahina ang utak. Hindi totoo 'yan. Ang pinakabobo dito sa bansa natin 'yung boboto ng magnanakaw," Pacquiao said in his speech to residents of Lingayen, Pangasinan on Thursday.

(My countrymen, some are saying Pacquiao is feebleminded. That is not true. Those who will vote for corrupt officials are the dumbest.)

"At dito sa ating gobyerno ang daming magnanakaw, from national government down to the local government, marami pong magnanakaw," he added.

(Here in our government there are a lot of thieves, from the national government down to the local government, there are a lot of corrupt people.)

During the CNN Philippines presidential debate last weekend, Pacquiao disclosed his plan to construct a mega prison for corrupt officials in his first 100 days as president.

He will also push for legislation that would bar people convicted of plunder from receiving a pardon.

"Kung boboto tayo ng kandidato na walang plano, payamanin lang ang pamilya, payamanin lang ang sarili nasa sa inyo na 'yan," Pacquiao warned in his speech.

(If we will vote for candidates who have no plans for the country but enrich their families and themselves, it is up to you.)—AOL, GMA News