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Four-day work week set at SC, one-day work from home

Starting April 4, the work week of Supreme Court employees will be such that they will physically report for work for four days while they  work from home for a day.

According to Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo's Memorandum Order No. 41-2002, the work hours of SC staff will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

"In order that all offices/services/divisions/units in the Supreme Court will be open from Monday to Friday, the workforce shall be divided into two groups," the order read.

One group will physically be at the office from Monday to Thursday while the other would do so from Tuesday to Friday.

The old setup of a four-day work week with the staff working for ten hours a day was said to have caused inconvenience among employees and was considered counter-productive.

“Accordingly, upon consultation with the Court En Banc, a revised flexible working arrangement is hereby implemented in the Supreme Court beginning April 4, 2022, and until further orders,” the memorandum read.

However, SC said the new working scheme shall not apply to the Fiscal Management and Budget Office, Office of the Bar Confidant, Medical and Dental Services, Fiscal Management Office of OCA, Office of Administrative Services, Security Division and Maintenance Division as the nature of their work may not be performed from home and oftentimes require overtime.

SC justices will determine the number and schedule of their staff who will be required to report for work onsite in their respective chambers, and Chiefs of Offices/Services and their assistants shall determine who among them and among their personnel/staff will be included in each group, which may be on a rotation basis. —NB, GMA News