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Marcos vows more responsible measures in addressing climate change

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Wednesday vowed that his administration's initiatives in addressing climate change would be more responsible and more sustainable.

Marcos said the adaptation to climate change is among the priorities of his administration. The President graced the opening of the 2022 Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Multi-stakeholder Forum at the Diamond Hotel in Manila.

"I know it’s only a beginning of a challenging but most important task of protecting the only Earth and home that we know. As your President, I assure you that our environment and our country’s resiliency and adaptation to the new normals of climate change are on top of the national agenda," Marcos said in his speech.

"We ensure that the initiatives we will take will enable us to become smarter, more responsible, more sustainable in all that we do. The road ahead will be long and it will be tough, but we must stay strong and accept that it will be a battle that we all must wage, and even more importantly, it’s a battle that we must win," he added.

According to Marcos, the DENR multi-stakeholder forum is an important initiative as he stressed that the issue of climate change is "no longer the issue of the day but the issue of our times."

He said the matter needs "the assistance, the help, the understanding of every citizen of the world to mitigate and to adapt to climate change."

"And because of that, it requires the help, the assistance, the understanding of all of the citizens of the Philippines, and for that matter, of the world," Marcos said.

"I have described the global change crisis and the climate change effects on the countries around the world as the first truly global crisis that we have had to face. And I described it as such for the simple reason that every single citizen of the world is affected by climate change," he added.

Marcos said he is expecting that the DENR would be able to accelerate its mission of mobilizing the country's capacities and resources to preserve, conserve, and manage the environment.—AOL, GMA News