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Marcos says use of biofertilizers to ease concerns on fertilizer supply, high price

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has expressed belief that the use of biofertilizers will ease the concern of the agriculture sector when it comes to the supply of fertilizers.

In a meeting with Agriculture officials on Tuesday, Marcos said the use of biofertilizers would lessen dependence on the more expensive and imported petroleum-based fertilizers.

"We are totally dependent on petroleum-based fertilizer – now, we are going to introduce biofertilizer to our farmers and teach them how to use it," Marcos said.

"And hopefully, this will ease our concerns when it comes to the supply of fertilizer. And we can fully control the availability of biofertilizer."

Marcos, who also sits as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, said the use of biofertilizer was "brought to the fore not only because of the high price of fertilizer but also concerns with availability and supply."

"Now, there will still be a mix. Hindi lang – hindi mawawala ‘yung urea, hindi mawawala 'yung mga non-organic [Urea and those non-organic will still be available]. But we will lessen our dependence on importation when it comes to fertilizer supply,” Marcos said.

Marcos said there were promising results from early tests on the use of biofertilizers. He said although its use entails some cost, it could still be brought down especially if it is going to be produced locally.

"Kayang-kaya daw dito i-produce sa Pilipinas 'yan. And furthermore, there are many technologies from UPLB (UP Los Baños), from the other SUCs (state universities and colleges), the agricultural colleges, marami silang na-research, na-develop na technologies diyan sa biofertilizer," he said.

(This can be produced in the Philippines. And furthermore, there are many technologies from UPLB, from the other SUCs, the agricultural colleges, they already made researches and developed technologies when it comes to biofertilizers.)

In March of last year, the DA, under the leadership of former chief William Dar, forged a memorandum of understanding with the UPLB-Biotech "to expand the research and development, capacity building, and upscaling of Bio N and other bio fertilizers, stimulants and technologies."

During his state visit to China in January, Marcos secured business agreements with Chinese producers to lower the prices of fertilizer, which is a vital part of his administration's bid to help local farmers and ensure food security. —KBK, GMA Integrated News