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Charles III said he, mom Imelda had ‘so much fun together’ —Marcos

LABUAN BAJO - President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. said King Charles III asked about his mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, during the coronation over the weekend.

Marcos told reporters in Indonesia that the monarch and his mother Imelda know each other because of their meetings decades ago when his father, Ferdinand, Sr., was still president.

"Kasi kilalang-kilala niya talaga ‘yan eh. Magkakilala talaga sila. Ako nakilala ko siya mga two or three times pero ‘yung si mother ko talaga ‘yung… Kasi mga foreign—siya ang laging representative ng reyna, mommy ko naman ang representative ng father ko," Marcos said.

"So lagi silang nagkikita kung saan-saan. And he said, 'Well, give her my warmest felicitations. We had so much fun together,' sabi niya. And I said, 'Well, congratulations on your coronation'," he added.

The Philippine President attended King Charles' coronation in London on May 6. He told the king that his mother wants to extend her congratulations for his coronation.

"And I told him – I then went and said, “My mother when she found out – my mother Imelda…” ‘Pag Imelda nakilala na niya. “My mother Imelda, when she knew that I was coming here, wanted to send you her best wishes and congratulations for your coronation.” And he said, “How is she?” Marcos shared.

"He was very nice. He clearly knows about the Philippines. Marami siyang kaibigan na Pilipino," he added.

Marcos also mentioned that during his brief encounter with King Charles, the latter mentioned that the Philippines has been suffering from typhoons due to climate change.

King Charles said no one listened to the warnings made against the effects of climate change.

"I just caught a few moments with him. Kinamayan ko. Nagpakilala ako. The minute he heard Philippines sabi niya, 'It’s terrible what you have to endure, all of these typhoons that climate change has brought,'" Marcos said.

"Sinabi ko nga sa kanya, 'Yes, Your Majesty, you have actually been warning us about this for a very long time,' So yeah, well sabi niya, 'but nobody was listening,'" he added.—LDF, GMA Integrated News