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15 students in Palawan ‘possessed’ by evil spirit

Fifteen students at a school in Palawan were dismissed early on Thursday after they were rushed to a Catholic church to drive away the evil spirit that "possessed" them in the middle of their class, Junfred Calamba reported Friday morning

Quoting school principal Vicente Tamanyo, Calamba told "Dobol B sa News TV" that only two students behaved erratically at first, claiming they saw the spirit of a bloodied woman.

More students began exhibiting strange behavior after the two, including the principal's son,  were rushed a church for prayers.

Adults were disturbed by the children's claims of the spirit wanting to get close to them, the strange language the students spoke, and the freakish strength they exhibited while being "possessed."

Because school officials and priests must obtain their parent's permission before tranquilizers could be distributed, officials decided to send the students home.

All classes were dismissed to protect students from the supposed evil spirit. —Rie Takumi/LBG, GMA News