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Parks, souvenir shops back in business as Baguio City reopens

After several months, tourists can now visit parks in Baguio City following its gradual reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report of Jonathan Andal on Unang Balita.

On the first day of reopening on Thursday, no tourists were spotted yet at Wright Park as the first batch of tourists is expected to arrive on Friday.

Under the gradual reopening scheme, only tourists from the Ilocos Region are allowed to go to Baguio City for the meantime.

Business owners and animal keepers are preparing for the arrival of tourists after months of suspension of their operation due to the threat of COVID-19.

During the suspension, horsekeepers said their income was affected to the point where they no longer have enough budget to provide food for the animals. Eating only once a day, the horses suffered from extreme weight loss as seen in the Unang Balita report.

The horsekeepers expect that the reopening of tourism in the city will help them recover financially.

Meanwhile, some souvenir shops have also opened for business.

The local government of Baguio City has issued requirements for tourists from Region 1 who will be allowed to enter the city. They should first fill out a health declaration form online via the local government’s website at

Tourists will be asked for personal information, the intention of their trip, contact person in the city, vehicle that they will use, destination, photo, and travel clearance.

The local government unit will then evaluate the form and will contact the tourists regarding the status of their registration.

Checkpoints with triage areas have been set up at the city's borders.  —Joviland Rita/KBK, GMA News