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Over 90 species of birds make stopover at Olango Island in Cebu

Over 90 species of birds from all over the world make their stopover at Olango Island in Cebu.

According to an episode of "Born To Be Wild," these birds usually come from Alaska and Siberia. They are going to New Zealand and Australia to avoid the cold.

The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary's park warden Genero "Loking" Soon said it is paradise for birds because it is rich with their food, which they need for travelling.

"Karamihan, maliliit na crabs, maliliit na isda [ang kinakain nila]. Madami silang pagkain dito kaya isa 'to sa stopover station nila," he said.

As such, it's considered a sanctuary for those who are interested in birds and their activities.

Unfortunately, some birds don't make it to their destinations. One example is an albatross that was seen dead. Inside it was trash including plastic and a lighter.

An expert said this might be because the albatross accidentally ate the items or their prey did.

As such, the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary said they plan to make the area more safe for birds. They wish to encourage others to make the Philippines more bird-friendly.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP, GMA Integrated News