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Live cockroach pulled out of student's ear in Bohol

A live cockroach was found and removed from an ear of a student in Bohol.

According to Katrina Son’s report on "State of the Nation", Janine Kaye Uy complained of pain in her ear.

When her friends checked, they saw an insect and tried to remove it.

They tried putting baby oil and used tweezers to remove it until they pulled out the cockroach from her ear.

According to Uy, they were studying when she felt a sudden movement in her ear.

The pain was also gone after the cockroach was removed.

“Hindi na kaya kapag inumaga pa yung pagkuha. Mas masakit na talaga,” Uy said.

(I would not be able take it if I'd wait for morning. It would be more painful.)

These incidents most commonly happened if the person was sitting or sleeping on the floor.

An ears, nose, and throat surgeon said if this happened and cannot immediately go to the hospital, they must immediately check if the insect entering the ear was alive or dead.

“Pagbuhay gumagalaw minsan maririnig mo parang may lumilipad sa loob ng tenga or may sound bago natin extract or tanggalin kailangan patayin muna natin. So how do we kill? Usually ang advise namin maglagay ng baby oil,” ENT-plastic surgeon Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa said.

(When it comes to life, sometimes you will hear something flying inside the ear or there is a sound before we extract or remove it, we have to kill it first. So how do we kill? We usually advise you to put baby oil.)

The use of water is not advisable because it can pull apart the insects’ parts, while the use of alcohol was painful for the ear especially when there is a wound.

The expert also urged that the patient immediately consult the doctor to ensure that there is no insect left in the ear.

“Kasi mamaya tinry alisin sa loob ng bahay mabutas yung tenga or ear drum na tinatawag. Pinakamaganda masilip ng espesyalista para matanggal,” Pecolera-Salvosa said.

(Because later if you tried to take it out inside the house, your ears may get hurt. It is best to have a doctor inspect for removal.)

The doctor also advised the public to clean the floors and bedroom to avoid the entry of insects. —Richa Noriega/NB, GMA Integrated News