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MUST-WATCH: Jessica Villarubin is a stunner in "Beautiful" music video

By Cherry Sun
Published On: May 24, 2021, 4:00 PM

Power Diva Jessica Villarubin truly embodies “Beautiful.”

Jessica Villarubin is sure to captivate audiences in the music video of her sophomore single under GMA Music titled“Beautiful.”


Jessica Villarubin


Jessica dropped her latest single on her birthday last May 14.

This is her second release following her debut single titled “Ako Naman,”  which she first performed as her victory song on the third season of The Clash.

According to the Power Diva, “Beautiful” resonates strongly with her as it advocates self-worth and self-love.

She mentioned this when she identified her favorite lines from the song being, “Let your heart light up the spark, Show the world who you truly are.”

Jessica explained, “This is my favorite line kasi parang nag-e-explain siya na parang super brave siya.

"Alam mo ‘yun, ‘yung parang [dine-declare] niya sa audience na brave siya, to show kung sino siya, proud siya at confident siya.

"So ‘yung line na ‘yun, parang gusto ko na maka-inspire ng tao to be brave enough, to be confident with themselves, and also po to love themselves.”

Early in May, the Kapuso star also went to the studio to shoot the music video of “Beautiful.”

Jessica definitely turned on the glam factor as she worked with her leading man Yasser Marta

Today, the wait is over as GMA Music launches her first ever music video.

Dance to “Beautiful’s” exciting tunes and sing along with Jessica here:


Also take a look at the Jessica's beautiful transformation in this gallery: