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Man uses Internet memes to propose marriage (VIDEO)

So who says Internet memes can't be romantic?
A Malaysian man won over his sweetheart with a proposal made out of classic Internet memes, winning over not just her heart but the attention of several tech sites.
Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam sneaked up on his love interest Audrey Ooi Feng Ling at a restaurant in Malaysia, then showed her poster-sized printed memes such as Socially Awkward Penguin, Y U NO Guy, Victory Baby and Impossibru.

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

In her blog, Audrey said she thought, "Oh god please don’t let this be a break up" when she saw the meme with the message, "Marriage scares the f*** outta me!!!"
Timothy finished his presentation with a meme of a cat with "cute" eyes, with the message, "Will you marry me?"
But that's not all - Timothy even prepared two memes, one for a "Yes" answer and another for "No."
"Why we have all these nice pictures is because there were cameramen hidden all over the restaurant! Fatty (her nickname for Timothy) planned it so we could have the memory documented for the future.  And maybe to use in our wedding video ... Told you he’s a super planning type!" Audrey wrote.
Tech site Gizmodo, which wrote about the incident, wished the couple a "long and fulfilling marriage."
"I hope she reciprocates this stunt with something similar to tell him she's pregnant," it added.
On the other hand, tech site Mashable said this was not the first time someone turned to tech or the web to propose.
"In January, a Cincinnati man used Groupon to get engaged. In San Francisco in fall 2010, a man leveraged Twitter, Foursquare and live streaming mobile service Qik to propose. Other people also have used social media outlets — a tweet on Twitter, a checkin on Foursquare and Google’s Street View — to put a ring on it," it said.
Even more recently, a New York City woman used a Nexus One and the Google Maps mobile app to complete a scavenger hunt that ended with a marriage proposal. — TJD, GMA News