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Pinterest driving more traffic to blogs than Twitter?

New social photo sharing site Pinterest appeared to be drive more traffic to online publishers in February than micro-blogging service Twitter.
This was the finding of a study by Shareholic, whose sharing widgets are used across some 200,000 online publishers, tech site Mashable reported.
"That’s an impressive figure, given that the two-year-old site has an estimated 11.7 million active registered users compared to Twitter’s more than 100 million," Mashable said.
It noted the 200,000 online publishers can reach some 270 million unique visitors every month.
"Women’s lifestyle, home decor and cooking magazines have been among the biggest beneficiaries of Pinterest’s growth. Some are seeing bigger referral numbers from the image-collecting service than from major portals like Facebook and Yahoo," Mashable said.
Mashable cited the study showing that in February, Shareholic found 48.81 percent of all traffic came from search giant Google, and 6.38 percent from social networking site Facebook.
Another 1.61 percent came from Yahoo, 1.29 percent from StumbleUpon, and 1.21 percent from Microsoft's search engine Bing.
"Pinterest came in sixth at 1.05 percent, beating out Twitter at 0.82 percent," Mashable said.
But Shareholic also found that in January, Pinterest sent more referral traffic to publishers than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined, falling into line just behind Twitter.
Content from magazine websites and blogs — particularly those that focus on home decor, arts and crafts, style and food — are among the most frequently “pinned” subjects on Pinterest, Mashable said.
"Thus it’s no surprise that those two parties are among the first to report significant traffic growth from the site," it added. — TJD, GMA News