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Yum! burger sales quadrupled because of viral 'Crush' ad —Jollibee exec

Valentine's Day 2017 saw the release of the inescapable "Kwentong Jollibee" video series, with people crying buckets of tears as they watched different stories of love and romance.

Emotions ran high and, according to Jollibee's Brand Communications and PR Director Arline Adeva, so did sales.

During the reveal of the most popular YouTube ads in the Philippines at the Google HQ in BGC Thursday, Adeva shared that Yum! burger sales quadrupled after "Crush" was released.

The video is second in the series and features Kapuso actress Ashley Ortega being the titular "crush" of a very shy guy, played by Enrico Cuenca.



Enrico would leave Yum! Burgers for Ashley in different locations, paired with a handwritten message on a sticky note. This apparently inspired real-life copycats.

"People were buying Yum in bulk and putting post-its [on them]!" Adeva said.

She added with a laugh, "It also inspired memes, like 'Pulis Ako' 'yong nakalagay!"

Adeva said setting the story to the tune of Ric Segreto's "Don't Know What to Do" was crucial, as it was the "anthem of the torpe" back in the '90s.

"Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series: Crush" has raked in over 2 million views since being posted in February. It ranks 7th in the list of the most popular YouTube ads in the Philippines from January to June 2017. —JST, GMA News