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This well-intentioned announcement is trending for all the wrong (but funny) reasons

We gotta hand it to the provincial government of Laguna. It consistently holds programs and activities for its constituents to promote gender and development.

Most recently, it held a gift-giving and feeding program for malnourished children.
But it trended online for all the hilarious, albeit twisted, reasons. Go look at the tarp.





On Facebook, GMA News Online got in touch with Governor Ramil Hernandez whose name appears in the tarp. His social media manager quickly replied — "Ang ibig sabihin ng cum dito ay 'comes with'" — and instantly referred us to Ms. Arlet Estrosa, who heads the Gender and Development Program for some three years already.

A sweet 44-year-old lady, Estrosa quickly clarified what they meant: “Together with’ ang ibig sabihin namin duon sa ‘cum’.”

She tells us they’ve been using the word in question in tarpaulins for their previous programs too, but it was only on this occasion that their usage of the word was, erm, picked on.

“Wala talagang malisya, kasi ‘together with’ naman talaga ang ibig ng salita. Talagang nagulat na lang kami – hindi pa ako nakakapag-check ng Facebook, may tumawag na lang sa akin.”

In case anybody needs a refresher’s course, "cum" is traditionally a preposition that means “combined with.”

In recent times, it’s become a slang term for what men ejaculate during sexual encounters.

We asked Estrosa if she was aware of the other meaning of the word "cum" and she fervently replied, “Hindi po talaga. Hindi po talaga. Wala po talaga sa amin ang may alam.”

She went a step further and asked help for clarification: “Tulungan niyo po kami ma-clarify kung ano talaga ang ibig sabihin namin.”

Moving forward she says she’ll never use the word for her programs ever again. “Nako, hinding hindi na po talaga.”

Aww, Ms. Estrosa. How pure of heart. — LA, GMA News


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