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Racist rant against Filipinos in Daly City, California

On June 9, Facebooker Danika Aquino uploaded a video showing a racist rant addressed to her Filipino friends.

“Look at all the groceries they’re buying. Steal our food, steal our money, steal our jobs,” the older American woman said after mocking the Filipinos.

A Filipino unseen on the camera defend the group, saying “I’ve got a family to feed,” but the lady replied: “So what? Go back to your country.”

Speaking to GMA News Online, Danika explained that the Filipino who defended the group was the husband of her friend and neighbor Jenny. The Filipino couple, together with their 5-year-old child, were in the grocery store they frequent, when the incident took place.

"It was Jenny who started the video because the lady had stated when they were in line to check out, ‘oh orientals.' Jenny had said ‘is she talking about us?’ So the lady had kept blabbing her mouth & that’s when Jenny started to record." 

Danika was not present when it happened but Jenny gave her permission to upload the video on social media.

In her post, Danika narrated the incident:

Earlier today our close friends went to our local Lucky supermarket store in Daly City and as they were checking out this old racist disgusting hag was behind them harassing them and making racist comments towards them. This is exactly what America has turned into and we need to put a stop to people like her!

Danika, who is of Hispanic African American descent, describes herself and Jenny as regulars of the grocery store. "It's literally around the block from my house and jenny's house too. It’s our neighborhood grocery store and we go to quite often [but] we’ve never seen this woman there before," she says.

She uploaded the video to Facebook on June 9 which has since been watched over a million times and has been shared more than 13,000 times. Local news media in the US have also picked up the video.

"I was told by one of the cashiers that they had took the woman in the back [of the grocery] and talked to her, but no one knows any further information about what happened after," Danika said. — LA, GMA News