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Get to know Paningning, the Shih Tzu pup that's gone viral on FB

The one-month-old Shih Tzu puppy named Paningning has been bringing cuteness overload to netizens' newsfeeds the past few days.

In an online interview with GMA News, Janess Cua of San Pablo City, the owner of Paningning, said she did not expect for the pup's photos to go viral, adding that she just wanted to share a photo of her dog on a Facebook page.

"Pinost ko lang po sya sa page na member po ako kasi dog lover po ako and hindi ko naman po inexpect na mag viral yung pictures nung puppy kasi sanay naman po ako na nagpopost dun kasi naha happy po ako pag pinipicturan ko po lahat ng mga dogs ko," Janess narrated.

Paningning went viral because of her unusual sleeping position lying down with her back flat on the floor.

Janess said it's Paningning's normal sleeping position. "'Pag mahimbing na po sya lagi na pong ganyan [matulog] lalo na po pag busog."

She said their adorable Shih Tzu is named Paningning because she is the only white one among her brothers and sisters, so they wanted to name her after the Filipino term of "bright" which is maningning.

"Kasi po sa lahat ng magkakapatid sya lang po ang color white and sya po ang huling lumabas kaya po parang pa star na manining eh gusto po ng anak ko letter P kaya po naging paningning," she said.

Janess said she owns 11 dogs in total.

She also clarified that Paningning is not for sale. 

Netizens couldn't contain how much they adore Paningning. Some even created artworks inspired by the cute pup.

Audric Aurencia edited a graphic of Paningning surfing. In the caption he wrote, "Hala nagsurfing na si paningning ang init daw kasi."


Paningning goes surfing. Artwork by Audric Orencia


Kara Bodegon, meanwhile, drew a digital art of Paningning. 

Stephen Abrigo created Paningning pattern backgrounds for your mobile home and lock screens.

Layko Chan also did a digital art of the cute pup.


Sleeping beauty Paningning. Artwork by Layko Chan


—Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/KG, GMA News