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Young boy spotted helping his blind parents melts the hearts of netizens

A young boy earned the praise and compassion of netizens after he was spotted guiding his blind parents around the town of Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte.

In a now viral Facebook post, YouScooper John Cuenca Alterado shared photos he took of the small family.

The child functioned as the eyes of his parents while they walked in the streets. He could be seen holding one end of a rope while the other was attached to his father, so that they wouldn't stray too far from each other.

The couple turned out to be Obet and Rowena Gargoles who have previously been featured in an episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

In the episode, their child Dodong was much younger, and had to be carried around by Obet whenever they would go out and ask for alms.

This was the only way they earned money to eat.

The documentary shows the struggles they have to go through in their daily life, eased by the generous people around them, who even sometimes give them food.

Watch it here:

—JCB, GMA News