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Jose Mari Chan says Christmas memes make him ‘forever young’

September is just around the corner, so here come the Jose Mari Chan memes!

On “24 Oras” Tuesday, Chan said he was flattered with the memes featuring him that circulate once the -ber months start rolling in.

“I’m flattered, I’m complimented, and I feel rewarded that after 30 years, the song that I wrote ‘Christmas In Our Hearts’ is still loved and sung by people year after year,” the singer said.

“They reuse the same picture so in a sense, in those memes, I’m forever young,” he joked.

Internet memes are often funny images or other online content or material that feature a relatable topic or idea, and thus gets shared by many people.

Since Christmas is just a few months away, memes featuring Chan are again trending online, most of them showing the singer preparing for the holidays.

The singer has become a popular subject of memes in recent years due to his hit song “Christmas in Our Hearts,” which is widely played at parties, shops, restaurants, malls, and many other public areas during the holiday season.

Although it’s still four months until Christmas, many Filipinos have started to prepare for the occasion.

According to Professor Jimuel Naval, a cultural analyst and historian, “siguro sa buong mundo tayo yung pinakamahabang selebrasyon ng Pasko.” – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News