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RC Cola drops a Kafkaesque ad and social media is confused

What would you do if one day, your mother removes her head and reveals that she is secretly a bottle of RC Cola?

If that sounds surreal but somehow familiar, that's because it sounds like the classic novella "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka.

Except it's an ad released by the soft drink brand on Thursday which has now gone viral as netizens try to figure out what to make sense of it.

It starts normally enough: a boy comes home from school looking sad and asks his mother whether he is an adopted child.

The mom evades his question and tries to comfort him, but he is determined to get answers.

And then things suddenly take a weird turn: the boy removes his backpack, removes his school uniform, and reveals that he has four glasses attached on his back.

The mother starts to weep and finally admits that the family has been keeping a secret from him. Then, she removes her white scarf, removes her head, and reveals a bottle of RC Cola in its place.

At this point everybody who has seen the video must already be freaking out, but the mom goes a step further: she puts ice cubes on the glasses on her son's back, opens the cap of the bottle, and leans forward to pour the drink.

The ad ends as the whole family drinks from the glasses using straws, including the mom herself, who is holding her own head with her hands.

On Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, netizens are torn whether it was funny or creepy, with some wondering how it got approved and others thinking it was a stroke of genius.

But considering that its YouTube title is "Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! Basta RC Cola!" we probably shouldn't be thinking too much about it.

As some netizens said: It's just 2020 being 2020. 

—MGP, GMA News