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Why are netizens reacting to James Reid and Issa Pressman’s pictures?

James Reid, Issa Pressman, and even Nadine Lustre are among the trending topics on the internet on Friday morning after James and Issa, late Thursday, posted similar photos of their outfits and their experience at the Harry Styles concert last Tuesday.

Included in James' carousel post is a video of the two of them singing “Watermelon Sugar,” with linked arms.

Meanwhile, Issa posted a photo of them holding hands.

Both of them included a similarly styled photo of each other’s points of view at the concert.

Calling the posts their soft launch, netizens quickly recalled James' breakup with Nadine Lustre.

Back when Nadine and James announced their breakup in 2020, Issa was rumored to be a third party. 

In an Instagram post by Issa's older sister, the actress Yassi Pressman, the three instantly killed the rumor.

But all that came tumbling back following James and Issa’s posts.



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A Twitter user quoted Bea Alonzo's "time is the ultimate truth teller" statement as she included James and Issa in a list of showbiz couples who first denied any involvement, only to admit their relationship years later.

Nadine has not commented or posted about the issue, but a number of fans like this Twitter user have unearthed an old Instagram Story she posted: a screenshot of a message that read, “But real friends don’t do that.”

Not a few Twitter users say dating your friend’s ex is an act of betrayal.

On James' post, an Instagram user left a comment saying, “Super deny pa before and here they are. Instead of feeling hurt for [Nadine] I am feeling extra happy for her getting away from them. She deserves the peace and freedom.”

And on Issa's post, some netizens are saying that James is allowed to move on and that the public should be happy for him and Issa.

One of the Philippines’ top loveteams turned real-life partners, Nadine and James shocked the country when they announced their breakup in 2020.

Nadine is currently in a relationship with French businessman Christophe Bariou. — Nika Roque/LA, GMA Integrated News