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Jungkook of BTS follows Niana Guerrero on TikTok

Niana Guerrero is one lucky girl!

The Filipina dance and lifestyle creator received a follow from the one and only Jungkook of BTS.

Niana reacted to it on Twitter, saying, “I'm so confused WHAT.”

What more, Jungkook is only following 59 people on the platform and the Filipina content creator is one of them! How lucky!



Jungkook's follow comes just a few days after the BTS member liked Niana's entry to the “Seven (feat. Latto)” dance challenge on TikTok.

Jungkook only started a TikTok account this week. His first video is the “Seven” dance cover with his friend and label-mate, Mingyu of SEVENTEEN.

Seven,” the artist’s debut solo single, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He performed the single at Summer Concert Series of “Good Morning America” Summer Concert Series in New York City and the BBC Live Lounge.

Meanwhile, Niana has been having quite the stellar season on TikTok. Just before this Jungkook episode, she did a dance duet with Sabrina Carpenter, GOT7's Jay B, plus her "Wednesday" dance went viral.  

She has 39.7 million TikTok followers and counting.


@nianaguerrero practice run???? #sevendaysaweek #jungkook #onewithnatalia @BTS ? Seven (feat. Latto) - Clean Ver. - Jung Kook & Latto


— Nika Roque/LA, GMA Integrated News