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Olivia Rodrigo reacts to Filipinos singing ‘Vampire’ while washing dishes

Olivia Rodrigo reacts to Filipinos singing ‘Vampire’ while washing dishes

In the Philippines, it's not unusual to hear Filipinos singing, and singing well, even while doing chores.

This was case of two Filipinos singing Olivia Rodrigo's "Vampire" while washing their dishes.

In their pambahay, sponge in hand, and seated low on the floor, the two girls were caught on camera having their own little concert.

The video was uploaded on TikTok where Filipino-American pop singer Olivia Rodrigo came across it, and based on her comment, had her day made. 

Of course she had to comment.

“OMG, this makes me smile so big!” she began

“They sound incredible!” Olivia added.

Netizens, noticing Olivia's comment, also left theirs, with one TikTok user referring to the Philippines as “the land of singers.”

Amazing singers, aren't we?

In June 2023, Olivia released “Vampire,” a song about a guy who lied to her and “bled her dry.”

The song was part of Olivia’s sophomore album “GUTS.” Other hits of the album include “Bad Idea Right?”, “All-American bitch,” and “Lacy.”


@music_jinx Another normal day in the Philippines ???????? Vampire (Cover) I've made some real big mistakes But you make the worst one look fine I should've known it was strange You only come out at night I used to think I was smart But you made me look so naïve #fyp #vampire #cover #music #singing #performance #lyrics #foryou ? original sound - music_jinx


— Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News