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Hooq gets 'On the Job' as a mini-series

Erik Matti's crime drama "On the Job" is getting a reboot in the form of a six-episode series produced by online streaming service Hooq.

The series retains Matti and screenwriter Michiko Yamamoto, plus a few familiar faces that have yet to be revealed.

"The series will still involve the cop angle, the police story," Matti said, adding that the prisoner-turned-assassin character is still in play.

He also announced in a press conference on Thursday a new dimension to the OTJ world: "We introduce a new angle, the story of the media (and social media) in the Philippines."

Matti clarified that this is not a direct reaction to current events and instead stressed that it's a composite of different truths.

Expect a multitude of conflicts, he told the press.

"We'll be following a protagonist that is not necessarily good. But there's a bigger evil above them and you start rooting for the bad guy," he said.

The series is set to be released late in 2016.  --JST, GMA News

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