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8 must-see exhibits at Art Fair Philippines 2018

It is easy to get lost in this year's Art Fair Philippines, and it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.

The annual exhibit is returning with heaps of new material for collectors and art enthusiasts --  everything from paintings, to sculptures, and now, even photography can be found in the fair.

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While guests are encouraged to take the time to appreciate each and every art piece displayed there, take note that there are four floors worth of art.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and overlook some pieces or even entire booths.

That said, make sure you keep an eye out for these exhibits so you don't miss them.

1. Kin by Neal Oshima (5/F The Link)

Photography is an age old art that was newly given a platform at the Art Fair Philippines. Kin, a collection of works by Neal Oshima, is one of the fresher exhibits at the fair. The black and white collection provides a close up on Philippine tribes and indigenous traditions.

2. Weegee (5/F The Link) 

Like Kin, Weegee is a black and white collection of photos by photographer Weegee, or Arthur "Usher" Fellig (1899-1968). The exhibition features the iconic street photographs of the renowned photojournalist, taken from the 1930s to 1940s. The prints are on loan from the International Center of Photography in New York.

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3.  Imaginarium, Daniel dela Cruz (6/F The Link)

Make sure you enter Daniel dela Cruz's Imaginarium and experience the artist's unique mind. The booth is a complete package -- every detail, from the music to the pieces, are well thought out and made to work with each other. Some guests have commented that it's like stepping into a steampunk version of Alice in Wonderland.

4. The Art Fair is Full of Objects, More or Less Interesting; I Wish to Add 24,124 More Cars by Nilo Ilarde (6/F The Link)

One attention-grabbing exhibit at the fair and quite possibly the most Instagrammed piece this year yet, is that of Nilo Ilarde's -- the booth is filled with thousands of Hot Wheels cars. Ilarde had taken a statement by artist Douglas Huebler and turned it on its head. "The world is full of objects, more of less interesting; I do not wish to add anymore," Huebler is quoted in 1986.

Ilarde now says, "The art fair is full of objects, more or less interesting; I wish to add 24,124 more cars."

5. Art Lab by Syjuco family (5/F The Link)

The Art Lab | Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame, 101 unwritten love letters folded into paper boats, sand, wonden window | Maxine Syjuco
The Art Lab | Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame, 101 unwritten love letters folded into paper boats, sand, wonden window | Maxine Syjuco

Talent clearly runs in the Syjuco blood. Between its six members, the family was able to create a contemporary, multimedia exhibit including (but not limited to) oil in canvas paintings, mixed-media installations, and object/text composites. "We want to break boundaries and we want to fuse different art forms and show what is possible to do," said Michelline Syjuco.

6. Escritorio (7/F The Link)

Escritorio | Dante Lerma | "Great Expectations"
Escritorio | Dante Lerma | "Great Expectations"

There are two sections in this exhibit: one displays work by younger artists with the theme "letters to my future self," while the other shows pieces by older artists with the theme "letters to my younger self." All the artists are proudly Pinoy and with a great talent for contemporary art. The exhibitor, CANVAS, is a nonprofit gallery that advocates for children's reading literacy, so their theme is literature-driven.

7. Tin-Aw Gallery (7/F The Link)

The Tin-Aw Gallery holds an art exhibit that subtly doubles as performance art. Its exhibition space is pristine, featuring dominantly-white artwork with splashes of color. Throughout the fair, the exhibit will change themes from white, to warm, cool, and black.

But beside the exhibition is a set-up that many might overlook: a tiny cluttered office piled with random artwork. Mariah Salang, one of the exhibitors, said that they aim to present to the public what it was like to really be a gallery -- not just the perfect display, but the mess behind the scenes as well.

8. 7 Days of Creation (7/F The Link)

7 Days of Creation | Jayson Cortez
7 Days of Creation | Jayson Cortez

As the name suggests, the exhibit takes its cue from the Bible's 7 Days of Creation, including even the day of rest. It will put the spotlight on five artists from Bulacan, Cavite, and Bacolod. Gallery owners said that they specifically chose province-based artists to give them the chance to showcase their talent. Each artist has a different art style such as hyperrealism, surrealism, and vintage — however, each piece has a dreamlike quality to them and all fall under contemporary art. — LA, GMA News

Art Fair Philippines 2018 opens to the public March 1 and runs until March 4.