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5 unique museums in the PHL check out

Museums, despite its boring reputation, can be great venues to spend an entire afternoon; the trick is to find ones that pique your interests or feature displays and artifacts that you can touch and interact.

In honor of May being the National Heritage Month and today, May 18, being International Museum Day, allow us to list a few unconventional museums found all over the Philippines that will make you proclaim museum day at least once a month!

1. Pacific War Memorial Museum

Pacific War Memorial Museum in Corregidor. File photo: Danny Pata/GMA News
Pacific War Memorial Museum in Corregidor. File photo: Danny Pata/GMA News


Getting to “The Rock” entails a 48-kilometer ferry ride from one of Sun Cruise’s daily trips from the CCP complex. The Pacific War Memorial Museum is located inside the Pacific War Memorial, built on top of the highest part of Corregidor’s Topside to honor Filipino and American soldiers who risked their lives during World War II. 

Opening hours: 9:15am (estimated arrival of second ferry in Corregidor) to 2:30pm (estimated ferry departure for Manila). Admission: Php2,600 (part of Corregidor weekday tour, Php2,800 for weekends).

2. Ang Panublion (Roxas City Museum)

File photo: Stanley Baldwin See
File photo: Stanley Baldwin See

Should you find yourself in the country’s unofficial seafood capital Roxas City in Capiz, keep in mind to not only feed your hunger but mind too. In addition to eating a lot of fresh seafood on Baybay Beach, a must-visit is one of the most interesting structures in the city proper, Ang Panublion, Hiligaynon for “guardian of precious things.”

What was once a water tank constructed in the early 20th century (1910) to provide water to the Kapisnon during the dry months, is now a museum that houses pre-historic, historic, and contemporary exhibits and artifacts detailing the history and heritage of Roxas City and Capiz province. 

On the right side of the structure is a gallery dedicated to the city and island’s most famous son, Manuel A. Roxas, the fifth president of the Philippines, who served from 1946 to 1948. Rare and valuable artifacts of the last president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and first President of the Third Philippine Republic like photos and memorabilia are proudly displayed in Ang Panublion.

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (weekdays), 9am-5pm (Saturdays). Admission is free.

3. BSP Money Museum (Manila)

File photo: Stanley Baldwin See
File photo: Stanley Baldwin See

The most interesting trivia that I learned upon visiting the BSP Money Museum was that the yellow, P500 of the New Design series was supposed to show the image of former President Ferdinand Marcos. It wasn’t until Senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated,and Marcos was ousted by the People Power Revolution that the Central Bank decided to put the image of Aquino instead. 

Aside from the Republic (1946 - present) gallery, three more galleries representing artifacts from the pre-Spanish, Spanish, and Japanese and American eras comprise the Money Museum.

Opening hours: 9:00AM to 12:00PM, 1:00PM to 4:00PM Mondays to Fridays. Admission is free.

4. Destileria Limtuaco Museum

A museum that sheds light on our drinking history? We're down for that. The newly opened museum in Intramuros showcases the history of Destileria limtuaco, the oldest distillery in the country. Here, guests can see the personal belongings of the man who built the distillery, how spirits were processed back in the day, how bottling (and packaging) evolved, and a cute little corner on White Castle Whisky advertising. There's a bar where guests 18 and above can top-up for happy hour.

Destileria Limtuaco Museum, 482 San Juan de Letran St., Intramuros, Manila. Open Tuesdays - Sundays, 9am-6pm. P100/adult, P50/student   

5. UP Manila's Museum of a History of Ideas


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Specifically built to house the UP Manila's infirmary, the small neoclassical style building on Padre Faura Street underwent various uses until finally housing the Museum of a History of Ideas, a compact museum that houses artifacts from the American era, when the State University came into fruition.

The museum honors the very many progressive ideas and critical imagination that the sprouted from UP in the years 1910 to 1929 and that helped in our nation building. 

UP PGH Compound, Padre Faura Street, Manila. Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. +63916 796 4117. Admissions fee of P150 

— LA, GMA News

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