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Bono: We salute the truth-tellers, the activists who keep this country spiritually safe

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The lead singer of U2 on Wednesday honored Red Cross volunteers, activists, and journalists during the Irish rock band’s first-ever concert in Manila.

Bono called on the audience to keep volunteers and “truth-tellers” in their prayers.

“Today I met some incredible volunteers of the Red Cross. Let’s keep them in our prayers, the ones who keep us safe from physical harm,” he said.

“Also in our prayers, let’s keep the journalists, the truth-tellers, the activists who keep this country spiritually safe. We salute you,” he added.

Bono earlier underscored the importance of the safety of journalists, saying that he has a “very deep conviction about journalism.” 

The Philippines is one of the deadliest countries for journalists, right up there with war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq.

Bono also appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte not to compromise human rights for the sake of progress. 

The band’s concert was held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. — Julia Mari Ornedo/BM, GMA News

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