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#PINNED: The ‘musical heroes’ that Taylor Swift thanked for her new album, ‘Folklore’

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It was 2007 come again for our emo selves; the girl of our dreams gushing about Teardrops on my Guitar while we contemplated the futility of love while listening to Skinny Love. But this time, though, there’s a convergence. Apparently, multi-award-winning American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift considered Bon Iver as one of her musical heroes.

The pop icon revealed this on a tweet while also simultaneously shocking the whole world by sharing that a new album will be released come midnight EST (around 12:00 PM Manila Time). Come on skinny love, what happened here?

Folklore, Taylor Swift’s eighth album, was the culmination of all her “whims, dreams, fears, and musings.” Furthermore, she shared that Folklore is totally unplanned. “Most of the things I had planned this summer didn’t end up happening, but there is something I hadn’t planned on that DID happen. And that thing is my 8th studio album, Folklore.”

Normally, every little announcement from the pop princess’ camp is sure to receive a lot of global attention and this is no exception. Especially now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and with most of the world’s populace in isolation. What made this even more special is the cabal of other musicians that Taylor Swift collaborated with to make this album possible. This includes fellow Grammy Award winner Bon Iver, The National’s Aaron Dessner, William Bowery, and Jack Antonoff.

Describing them as her “musical heroes,” Taylor shared in her Twitter and Instagram post that this album was written and recorded in isolation. According to her, Bon Iver co-wrote one song, Dessner co-wrote or produced 11 out of the 16 songs in the album, while William Bowery co-wrote two. The legendary Antonoff was described as “basically musical family at this point.”

Bon Iver, one of the darlings of the Indie scene, is an American alternative folk band that won two Grammy Awards in 2012 for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album. They won the latter for their eponymous album, Bon Iver. One of their hit songs, Skinny Love, has been featured in several television and film soundtracks. Another, Holocene, was nominated for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year in the 54th Grammy Awards.

Aaron Dessner, which Taylor described as her main collaborator for Folklore, is a member of the New York-based band The National. He posted on Twitter that Taylor approached her in late April about remotely writing songs together. “I’ve rarely been so inspired by someone and it’s still hard to believe this even happened – these songs came together in such a challenging time,” shared Dessner.

You might recognize the Jack Antonoff as the co-creator and producer of Lana Del Rey’s Grammy-nominated album Norman F*cking Rockwell as well as Taylor’s very own Lover and Reputation. The American singer, songwriter, and record producer took to Twitter to share that his favorite songs in the new album are ‘august’ and ‘my tears ricochet.’

Lastly, we have the mysterious William Bowery who many fans think is a pseudonym. Some fans are already claiming that the mysterious co-writer is Taylor Swift’s current beau, Joe Alwyn. There were even discussions that alluded the pseudonym to Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift.

Taylor Swift's last full album release was in August 2019 with Lover. It would go on to be 2019's bestselling album globally, managing to sell over 3.2 million copies. Lover also holds the Guinness World Record for biggest-selling album worldwide for a solo artist. The release of the surprise album is a welcome reprieve to all Swifties who were devastated when Taylor announced the cancellation of all her 2020 shows due to the pandemic.

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