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What traditional Pinoy games are similar to those played in 'Squid Game'?

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Did you know that Koreans play games that are similar to those played by kids in the Philippines?

On Monday’s episode of “24 Oras,” #KuyaKimAnoNa gave a detailed comparison on what traditional Pinoy games are similar to those shown in the hit Korean series “Squid Game.”

First is Red Light, Green Light. Though it goes by a different name for Filipinos, the rules are the same - the catcher must not see the players moving when they turn to face them. Otherwise, you’re out.

Another is Tug-of-War, which is called Guyyudan in Ifugao. Players use their feet to dig holes on land, so they can have a place to keep them secure while pulling the rope.

Korea’s Squid Game, meanwhile, is similar to what Filipinos call the Patintero. The only difference is the shape of the playing field, according to Philippine-Korean relations scholar Ronel Laranjo.

“Their playing field is shaped like a squid or ojing-oe in Korean, while our Patintero is rectangular,” he said in Filipino.

The game that Korean actor Gong Yoo’s character asked Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) to play at the train station, meanwhile, can be compared to Philippines’ pogs. It started in Hawaii.

As for the marbles, it is considered a prop that isn’t limited to Koreans and Filipinos. They were already used by citizens back in ancient Egypt and Rome. They use rocks or bones from animals or fruits.

A decade in the making, "Squid Game" is about 456 people who are invited to play a mysterious game.

The game turns out to be a terrifying fight for survival as the players have to play traditional children's games with deadly twists, all for a cash prize of 45.6 billion won (nearly P2 billion).

All nine episodes of “Squid Game” are up for streaming on Netflix. —JCB, GMA News

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