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Filipino photojournalist Hannah Reyes Morales ‘honored’ to do this year’s Nobel Peace Prize exhibition

Filipina photojournalist Hannah Reyes Morales has been chosen as one of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize photographers.

Together with Russian photojournalist Nanna Heitmann, Morales will be shedding light on the work of laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov in a photo exhibit happening December 11 in Oslo, Norway.

According to the Nobel Peace Center, Ressa and Muratov will come to open the exhibit themselves and "see how [Reyes and Heitmann] depict the laureates’ work for freedom of expression in the Philippines and Russia."

"We are very happy to have worked with two such talented, young documentary photographers, who are also from the Nobel Peace Prize laureates’ home countries," Nobel Peace Center Director of Exhibitions Nina Frang Høyum was quoted as saying.

"They are therefore very experienced in working under trying conditions for freedom of the press and expression."

The Nobel Peace Center cited Hannah for her notable documentation of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, as well as her numerous awards and published works for documented major international magazines such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and National Geographic.

"I'm honored to be this year's Nobel Peace Prize photographer with @nannaheitmann," the Pinay photojournalist said in her Instagram post.

"Perhaps more significantly it's been a daunting few weeks, of trying to make images that respond to @maria_ressa's fight and call, whilst going into the maelstrom of disinformation," she added.

Maria Ressa is the first Nobel laureate from the Philippines.

The Nobel Peace Prize exhibition is happening this December 11 in Oslo, Norway. — LA, GMA News