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Pinoys on Twitter celebrate Independence Day with microfiction

For many Filipinos, Independence Day is an opportunity to reflect on the country's history. For most, it's a welcome break from school and work. But for some Pinoy writers on Twitter, June 12 is an occasion to come together and create alternative history. 
Now on its fourth year, Rocket Kapre's annual project "RP612Fic" celebrates Independence Day by telling stories, bayanihan style. 
By contributing microfiction accounts of Philippine history, Pinoy authors pitch in to create RP612Fic, a collection of tweet-length stories.
Using the hashtag #RP612fic, tweet-length stories will be gathered from 6 p.m. of June 11 to 6 a.m. of June 13. 
Ideally, the stories should tell an alternative history, but there are no strict rules. 
"For Independence Day, I’d love to see alternative history stories, but it’s not like I’m going to tell you to delete your 130 character realist micro fiction opus," writes Rocket Kapre editor Paolo Chikiamco on the digital publishing site. 
After the event, all the submissions will be collated into a single post on the Rocket Kapre website. Previous RP612fic stories are also found on the website.
This year's participants include a variety of styles, with some authors referencing current events, like the election, and others including characters from popular television shows like Game of Thrones. 
Authors participating in RP612Fic 2012 must tweet their stories including the hashtag #RP612fic. 
Those who aren't on Twitter can also email stories to –KG, GMA News