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Dear Kapuso: Send us your FIRSTS

Your first crush.

Your first job.

Your first heartbreak.

Your first deployment.

Your first plane ride.

Your first anything. Happy or sad, profound or silly.

Tell us all about it.

Here are the rules:

1. Tell us your story in English or Filipino.

2. Keep it to 800 words or fewer.

3. Make sure your facts are straight.

4. Send your story to with the subject line "FIRSTS: [Title]"

5. Send your story in the message body of the email, and attach it to the email as well (.rtf, .odt, .pdf or .doc)

6. You may include photos to accompany your story. In fact, your story can also be presented through graphics, photos, or as a comic strip.

7. Add your details – name, age, a short bio of yourself of not more than 100 words – at the end of your story.

8. FIRSTS will be one-time-only submissions.

9. Unlike entries for FICTION FRIDAYS, there will be no payment for entries published in FIRSTS.

10. Submissions do not guarantee publication, but we hope you won't be shy about submitting – you're not too old or too young to share your story.

NOTE: Your entry may be edited for grammar and/or clarity.

If you have any questions, email us at with the subject line "QUERY: [Topic]".

We will be posting more information about our other feature, FICTION FRIDAYS, soon.