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Geraldine Roman joins Hillary, Beyonce on list of Inspiring Women 2016

First district of Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman's historic win as the first transgender woman elected in office in the Philippines continues to ripple throughout the globe.

Roman has joined Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and pop artist Beyoncé in Motto's list of "Inspiring Women of 2016."

Motto, an online subsidiary of TIME Magazine, recognized Roman's persistence in lobbying for a House bill against against discrimination based on sexual preference and gender identity.

"Since being elected, she has lobbied persistently for an anti-discrimination bill and campaigned for greater LGBT rights, saying 'Recognizing our rights and dignity will in no way diminish yours," the article read.

"We are not asking for special privileges or extra rights. We simply ask for equality. With inclusiveness and diversity, our nation has so much to gain'," it added.

Motto also recognized the importance of Roman's win "in a nation with a history of hostility to the LGBT community."

Roman is part of a political family whose members have served in public office in Bataan for years. She took over the position held by her mother after winning in the 2016 National Elections.

Also on the list is Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui, who broke taboos when she spoke about her period while competing in Rio; award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Olympic gymnast Simone Biles; actress Amber Heard; Olympic shot putter Michelle Carter; actress Daisy Ridley; Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini; and activists Jillian Mercado and Nadia Murad. —NB, GMA News