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Google celebrates PHL Independence day with a Filipino-drawn doodle

Go check Google today and you’ll beam with pride. The search engine giant has cool doodle celebrating our Independence Day.


“In honor of the Philippine Independence Day, today’s Doodle is a colorful celebration of both the Philippine flag and the country’s unique island landscapes,” it says on the Google Doodle website.

“The sunrise imagery in the Doodle is meant to capture Filipinos’ optimism in the face of adversity,” it adds.

The doodle is made by Dan Matutina, a Manila-based Filipino designer and illustrator whose work has appeared in various international titles like The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper*, Wired, as well as global brands like Uniqlo, Pinterest, Samsung, Coca-Cola.

Sharing his doodle on his social media accounts, the illustrator said, “I had the honor to make this year’s Philippine Independence Day Doodle for Google.”

Last year, Google celebrated our Independence Day with a Doodle of “eleated citizens celebrating on a jeepney: an Iconic Filipino traveling vehicle.”

Google first celebrated the Philippine Independence Day in 2009, with Philippine flag colors adorning Google’s logo.—LA, GMA News