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Lara Quigaman rushed to the hospital due to severe allergic reaction

Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman Alcaraz was rushed to the emergency room Tuesday evening due to hives and severe allergic reaction. The beauty queen and actress had been attending events in Cebu City prior to the hospitalization. 

Quigaman shared a photo of herself on Instagram, sitting on a hospital bed with a nasal cannula at Cebu Doctors hospital. 

She shared in the caption that she had hives all over her body and she was sent to the hospital due to severe allergic reaction that tightened her throat.

"The hives first appeared in the morning after my first event (Beautiful Married Women) in Minglanilla and then appeared again in the evening right after I finished my part in Mr & Ms Highschool Minglanilla 2017," Quigaman wrote. 


In a separate Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself doing the Korean "finger heart" sign with her husband Marco Alcaraz beside him. She expressed how happy and grateful she is to have a supportive partner.

"Anddddd.... thank You Father God for giving me the best husband!!! @marcoalcaraz has beeeen the best! He's been driving me to work, taking such good care of me and noah and just simply making me happy I feel like crying right now.  I can't even remember this photo being taken (groggy na sa meds) and me making the heart sign #pabagetspadinangamakahingaatmakadilat I love you jiampy ko! @marcoalcaraz you da best!" Quigaman declared in the caption.


— Jannielyn Ann Bigtas / AT, GMA News

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