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Documentary about Jennifer Laude wins at 34th Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival

Jennifer Laude's story continues to be heard. 

PJ Raval's "Call Her Ganda", which focuses on Laude's death at the hands of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, bagged the Grand Jury Prize for Outstanding North American Documentary Feature at the at 34th Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival. 

Producer Marty Syjuco took to the stage to accept the award and said that the team dedicates the win to Laude and her family.

"Sharing this film with audiences in the festival has been an amazing experience," Syjuco said, reading a message from Raval. "At the screening, one person stood up and said this film is not just about Jennifer, but it is the story of the Filipino people."


"Call Her Ganda", written by Raval and Victoria Chalk, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

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In addition to the win of "Call Her Ganda", Timothy Castillo also bagged an award for his performance in Mikhail Red's "Neomanila." — Aya Tantiangco, GMA News