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Heart Evangelista in tears as schoolmate who bullied her apologizes

It's never too late to say sorry. 

This week, Kapuso star Heart Evangelista shared with her followers a message she received from a schoolmate. "This made me cry," the actor wrote. 

The sender, whose name was redacted by Heart, confessed to being a bully. The full message reads:


Excuse the very random message. You don't need to reply to this or anything. I know it's well in the past[,] but I just thought I should apologize to you for all the bullying we put you through in school. We were assholes and we put you through a lot of crap. So I'm sorry you had to go through that. I thank God that He made you to be a strong individual.

For what it's worth, I am very happy for you and how God has blessed you so much and for all the dreams you've been able to achieve so far. Good luck with life and may you be blessed and always be a blessing to people in your life.

Heart in response added this text to the note: "You didn't have to [apologize], but I appreciate this so much." In another Instagram story, the actor declared that she "always wanted to be a friend."

Posting a throwback picture to conclude, Heart said that the person made her younger self quite happy. 

The Instagram stories have since disappeared, but showbiz news outfit was able to take screencaps.


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Despite tragedies in her life, Heart's friend and stylist Katrina Cruz that she radiates positive energy. "Your strength and grace resonates in wherever and whatever you do," Kat said in an Instagram post from their trip to Paris. 

The trip turned out to be a purposeful one — Heart was revealed to be a part of a Vanity Fair feature on the real "Crazy Rich Asians" where she was hailed as a darling of the Philippines. — Aya Tantiangco, GMA News