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US-based bakery offers 'hot' Pinoy favorites

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Filipinos in Portland, Oregon, USA enjoy that perfect coffee-hot Pandesal combo for breakfast courtesy of a Tatak Pinoy bakery, according to a report by Rida Reyes on GMA News' Saksi.

Aside from Pandesal, the bakery "built for the Filipinos" also serves ensaymada, suman, empanada, pastillas, toasted siopao, and hopia.

"What makes us happy is to offer these pastries and bread to the Filipinos and also introduce (them) to the mainstream Caucasians," said Bob Ozilla, bakery owner.

And for those who want more than just bread, the establishment also sells pansit, Chicken adobo, bangsilog (Bangus with fried rice and egg), tapsilog (beef tapa with fried rice and egg), longsilog (longganisa with fried rice and egg), and tocilog (tocino with fried rice and egg).

There is nothing like the simple pandesal that is at par with international standard.

"I'm proud to be a Filipino guys," exclaims Ozilla. — BAP, GMA News

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