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Bretman Rock lands on the cover of Teen Vogue

Bretman Rock is gorgeous as he graces the cover of Teen Vogue for the month of July.

In the photos released on social media, Bretman can be seen wearing checkered and printed clothes, all while looking absolutely real and stunning.

Sharing the photos on Instagram on Thursday, the YouTube sensation wrote, "Someone please pinch me this is unreal."




In his interview with the prestigious magazine, Bretman shared that there weren't any accomplishments in his life that he didn't manifest.

"One day I decided I was a star and I would walk to school with my head held high. I would walk to school in my stilettos and high heels, listening to ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears,” he said. "And I would just think to myself, Everyone is going to know me one day.”

The reality show star also revealed that his "flamboyant persona" has become his defense mechanism, especially since "being brown, gay, and an immigrant" on the internet has opened him up to trolls and criticism.

"It's my coping mechanism to be unapologetic, not giving a f*ck, to be loud. Me just putting on whatever I want to wear today, people find confidence in that. But to me, I'm just coping," he said.




Prior to being featured on Teen Vogue, Bretman became one of the faces of Nike's Pride Month collection and slayed in the cover of Nylon Manila, which he dedicated to the gay Filipino kids.

Born in the Cagayan Valley before moving to Hawaii at the age of seven, Bretman rose to fame with his unique sense of humor and wit.

He has since then been named as MTV's 2021 Breakthrough Social Star, People's Choice Awards Beauty Influencer of the Year, and one of Time's 30 Most Influential Teens.

Now, he stars in his own MTV reality show called "30 Days with: Bretman Rock."

As of writing, he has over 8.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 17 million followers on Instagram, 5.7 million followers on Twitter, and 12 million followers on TikTok. —Kaela Malig/JCB, GMA News