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How can you determine a crab’s gender? Kuya Kim explains

Crabs are known to exist in one of three genders, but how can one determine which is which?

On Wednesday’s “24 Oras,” Kuya Kim said one can see it straight from the markings on their shells. While the males have a pointed abdomen, the females have rounded ones.

The so-called “bakla” crabs, meanwhile, have a mix of both. Because of their uniqueness, according to Seaside Market seller Teodora Arquiola, these are sold at a higher price.

As Christmas approaches, Arquiola told Kuya Kim that more customers have been asking for “bakla” crabs.

Meanwhile, an “alimango” or mangrove crab has a harder shell and wider legs than the “alimasag.”

According to Kuya Kim, crabs are actually healthy food. They have 80 calories per three ounces. People should only be careful with the “aligue” or crab fat, which has a high cholesterol level. – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News

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