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TikToker's relatable, hilarious videos prove that being faithful to God is not boring

With his hilarious videos on the internet, this TikToker proved that being faithful to God is not boring.

As of this posting, The Catholic Comedian named Romar Chuca has garnered over 25,500 followers with his content that includes tips on how to stay awake during the homily and misheard lyrics during Mass.

On Jamie Santos’ “24 Oras Weekend” report Sunday, Chuca said his videos started when he once got bored. He then realized that he can use these to make people closer to God.

While he has a lot of supporters, some are frowning upon his ways. Despite this, Chuca believes that there are various ways to spread God’s word.

“We say in our creed na, ‘I believe in Jesus Christ who also became human’ and most likely, he laughed, sang with his friends,” he said. “Baka nakikitawa nga si Hesus do’n sa mga ginagawa kong content (Maybe Jesus is laughing along with the videos I make).”

As such, he hopes that others will understand how he chooses to share his faith with other people.

“Take your time and give it a chance, I guess, to see that this God who loves us [is] also like us.”

Apart from making videos, that have now garnered over 614,000 likes, Chuca has also been living up to his faith by helping other people in Mindanao.

“Nandito po ako ngayon sa Bukidnon and I’ll be helping out in the ministry of the Jesuits here na magpa-aral ng 100 scholars, hopefully, within 10 years sa mga indigenous people,” he said.

(I'm here in Bukidnon. I’ll be helping out in the ministry of the Jesuits to send 100 scholars to school, hopefully within 10 years, from the indigenous community.)

— Franchesca Viernes/DVM, GMA News