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Here are 5 facts about Miss World Philippines 2022 Gwendolyne Fourniol

Gwendolyne Fourniol of Negros Occidental has been crowned Miss World Philippines 2022.

As she prepares to take on the world in the upcoming international pageant, here are just a few cool bits about the 21-year-old Filipino-French beauty queen.

1. She moved to the Philippines when she was 18

In her introduction video, Gwendolyne said among the things that helped her go through this alone is her being surrounded by French and Filipino culture.

With a desire for adventure and independence, Gwen said, "At the mere age of 18, I moved alone to the Philippines but I wasn't scared because I knew I was surrounded by the kindness of the selfless Filipino."

2. She can speak three languages

Yes, the new Miss World Philippines queen is trilingual.

In her introduction video for the pageant last year, Gwendolyne said she can speak Tagalog, French, and English fluently.

Gwen said having language skills is also also one of the factors that strengthened her decision to move to the Philippines.

3. Miss World Philippines 2021 is her first pageant

Gwendolyne joined pageantry just last year, and was named among the Miss World Philippines Top 15.

In an Instagram post after the pageant, the beauty queen described her first stint as an unforgettable experience. She represented Himamaylan, Negros.


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"I learnt so much and met incredible people," she wrote. "I never imagined my first ever pageant to be Miss World especially since I have no knowledge on pageants, but we made it to top 15!"

4. Her advocacy is to help marginalized Filipino children have access to education

Gwen feels strongly about helping marginalized Filipino children have access to education through ERDA Foundation, Inc.

In her recent Beauty with a Purpose video, Gwen shared that her mom is actually a beneficiary of ERDA. As such, she believes it has been connected to her even before she was born.

"Thanks to [Fr. Pierre Tritz, SJ and ERDA Foundation], my mother went to college and got her degree in psychology. She moved abroad and met my father," she said.

"Growing up, I witnessed my parents sending money to the Philippines especially my mother, who is devoted to helping the underprivileged, including her family," she added.

Prior to winning the crown, Gwen said if she was given a chance, she will use that "responsibility to reach out to benefactors all over the world so I will be able to build more schools with ERDA Foundation."

"I was born because of ERDA Foundation and I will continue to live for them."

5. Gwen plays the violin

In the "Fast Talk" of her introduction video last year, Gwendolyne said a skill she developed amid the pandemic is playing the violin.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to your reign, Gwendolyne!

—MGP, GMA News