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Why is eating dog meat illegal in the Philippines?

Twelve aspin or asong Pinoy were recently rescued from a suspected dog meat trader during an entrapment operation in Bulakan, Bulacan.

The suspect was caught driving a tricycle which carried sacks containing tied up and weak dogs to be prepared for butchering.

Dog meat trading is illegal in the country. According to Kuya Kim’s “24 Oras” report Friday, National Meat Inspection Service’s Dr. Armie Sebello said eating dog meat was prohibited by the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines because it was considered “hot meat.”

Because dog meat does not pass through proper inspection, it may carry diseases such as rabies, which may be passed on to those who will butcher or eat it.

Meanwhile, 2 of the 12 rescued dogs died, while the rest were being cared for. The suspected dog meat trader will be charged with violation of the Animal Welfare Act. – RC, GMA News