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Jillian Ward graduates first honor from senior high school

Jillian Ward is a proud senior high school graduate as she posed for her graduation photo!

On Instagram, Wednesday, the Sparkle star posted a photo of herself wearing a graduation cap while holding her diploma, first honor certificate, and medal.

"A lesson without pain is meaningless. That's because no one can gain without sacrificing something—but by enduring that pain and overcoming it, you shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. - FMA," Jillian quoted in the caption.

Her fellow stars, Jeff Moses, Althea Ablan, and Pinky Amador, are just as proud of Jillian's newest achievement.

"Congratulations 'nak @jillian SO proud of you," Pinky wrote in the comments section.

Jillian's graduation ceremony took place a day after the GMA Gala 2023, where she wore a shimmery silver gown by Mak Tumang.

She also won two awards from the event — Premier Star of the Night and Sparkling Smile of the Night.

Although she went solo, Jillian had her "Abot-Kamay na Pangarap" co-stars with her during the GMA Gala.

In February, she celebrated her 18th birthday, where she wore a glamorous midnight blue gown.

Congratulations, Jillian!


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—Carby Basina/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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