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Journalist's memoir included in the New York Times' '10 Best Books of 2023'

Patricia Evangelista's Some People Need Killing including in New York Times Best Books of 2023

“Some People Need Killing,” a memoir written by Filipina author and journalist Patricia Evangelista has been included in the New York Times’ 10 Best Books of 2023.

According to the post, the list was divided into two genres: nonfiction and fiction, each featuring five qualifying titles.

Evangelista’s debut nonfiction book delves into her experience covering former President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war campaign. The book was formally launched on October 18, 2023, at Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma in New York.

In an Instagram post, Evangelista expressed how honored she was to be included in the list. 

“I wrote the story, but it’s not just mine. The book was the product of many years of work and the efforts of a great many remarkable people, some of them survivors, who bore witness and chose to document a savage time,” Evangelista wrote. 

“I am glad to know the book has been read. I am humbled there is an audience willing to listen. I hope the story goes far, and am honored to have been part of its telling,” she added. 

The four other nonfiction books that made it to the list are “The Best Minds” by Jonathan Rosen, “Bottoms Up and the Devil Laughs” by Kerry Howley, “Fire Weather” by John Vaillant, and “Master Slave Husband Wife” by Ilyon Woo.

In November, the book was also included in TIME Magazine’s list of 100-must-read books of 2023.


—Jade Veronique Yap/CACM, GMA Integrated News