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What is a 'girl's girl' and how to be one?

What is a 'girl's girl' and how to be one?

The term "girl's girl" is among the new words added to the Gen Z dictionary that has been circulating on TikTok for quite some time now.

But what does it actually mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, it refers to a girl who respects female etiquette, is not petty, and strives to be ethical and decent in her dealings with her female friends.

Simply put, a girl's girl respects and values the "girl code."

The girl code refers to the rules of being a woman, especially regarding dating, as defined in a BBC article. It is a set of unspoken rules that girls are expected to follow.

Adrienne Cacatian, a sociology instructor from the University of the Philippines Diliman, said that being a "girl's girl" is being supportive of other women.

"Being 'a sister' in that you watch out for other women and avoid the people that women have warned you about, and siding with women more than men," Cacatian told GMA News Online.

"This solidarity I think is most visibly communicated when it comes to avoiding cheating and cheaters, not dating someone's ex or going after someone's current partner," she added.

According to Cacatian, this solidarity is empowering for women.

"Being a girl's girl or having girl's girls around you is empowering when you believe that despite the dangers of the world, someone will have your back and watch out for you," she said.

Having a girl's girl by your side also means that "someone out there will believe you when you speak out about terrible experiences, or help you when you find yourself in a problematic or tough situation," Cacatian said.

"If others have an idea of what you are going through, and they believe you and don't think you're crazy or wrong, you feel validated and can find the strength to stand firm in yourself, your experiences, and your beliefs," she added.

While being a girl's girl paves the way for women empowerment, Cacatian believes this concept also has its downside.

"Uncritically siding with women just because they are also women, without regard for whether what is being said is true or the harm and impact that women are having on others," she said.

How can one be a girl's girl?

According to Cacatian, being a girl's girl starts with standing with women, respecting them and supporting them when they need it the most.

How about you, are you a girl's girl?

—MGP, GMA Integrated News