Solar power can be your super power

Solar power can be your super power


The price of electricity in the Philippines is one of the highest in Asia. This continues to rise due to inflation rates and reliance on imported coal and fossil fuels. Because of this, we are all on the lookout for ways to lower our costs. Let’s take a look at how renewable energy can make a difference.   

What is renewable energy?

Also called ‘clean energy’, the United Nations defines renewable energy as derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed. This includes solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, ocean energy, and bioenergy. Solar energy is the most accessible form for Filipinos who want to find an alternative energy source and lower their electricity costs.


Advice from the expert

Renewable energy developer Gurin Energy’s Country Manager in the Philippines Ping Mendoza says “Solar is the lowest cost, most accessible, and most derisked form of renewable energy technology that can be adopted by most households and small businesses.”

Aside from lower cost, Mendoza explains that adding a battery to a solar photovoltaic system, a system that converts sunlight into electricity, can provide your household with back-up power similar to having a diesel generator without the noise, smells, and air pollutants.

He adds that investing in solar power can bring a “3 to 6 year payback period for a right-sized system with good quality installation that is expected to provide savings for 25 to 30 years with no moving parts and minimal risk of equipment breaking down”. 

Watch the basics explained by Oliver Austria, an advocate for solar power and renewable energy here.

For those who have the resources to equip their homes with solar panels and batteries, a site called Yuda provides homeowners basic information, suppliers, and cost estimates to suit their needs.

Renewable energy can be a solution for the nation

On a wider scale, utilizing renewable energy can benefit Filipinos by providing more stable and affordable power to communities.

In a regional development plan from the National Economic Development Authority office in Eastern Visayas, it was shown that transition to solar power can lower power rates when becoming less reliant on energy produced from coal, which is priced according to the movement of global market trends.

Renewable energy projects are on the rise in the Philippines according to the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, though upgrades and adjustments have to be made to integrate these into existing power systems. Still, renewable energy is not intermittent and “not affected by the volatility of prices in global markets as it is readily available in the country”.


As the cost of setting up solar power systems becomes more affordable, these systems become more accessible. With advancements made in the technology, more individuals and communities will be able to adapt these into their lifestyle. These are steps that take us closer to realizing a future with clean energy.

As this future is still taking shape for us, we contribute by making use of convenient devices such as solar powered charging stations, power banks, and other small devices. We can contribute to everyone’s awareness about clean energy options and encourage others to take a step towards a brighter, solar-powered future.

Small steps lead to big changes. Learn more about the possibilities of solar power and see how you can contribute to a brighter tomorrow at

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