3 Vitamin C-rich foods that kids will love

In many households, parents are often heard urging their kids to take their vitamin C. That comes as no surprise because ascorbic acid, as it is otherwise called, is only one of the many nutrients your child needs. 
But a 2010 study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute says seven out of 10 kids lack vitamin C—which can result in children being easily tired and weak, as well as being susceptible to diseases such as the common cold.  This makes the daily dose of vitamin C more important than ever for growing kids.
But apart from oranges and supplements, what other foods are good sources of vitamin C? And how will you make them appealing to children’s taste buds? Here are three options:
Make mango shakes
Similar to oranges, mangoes are fruits filled with vitamin C. They’re perfect for kids because they’re free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Not only is mango rich in vitamin C, it also has superfood status because of its multi-vitamin and multi-mineral content.
Eating a mango alone is already satisfying for kids and adults alike, but you can make it a sweeter treat by turning it into a fruit shake. It’s a great refreshment to serve to kids, whether it’s for an afternoon snack or a lunch partner drink.
Serve strawberry pops
Strawberry is another superfood that is a good source of vitamin C. Apart from that, the fruit is also a great way to naturally whiten teeth, according to lifestyle website Health.
Although strawberries are not the top fruit choice of children, there is a variety of kid-friendly recipes that you can do such as fruit pops. Popsicles are cold treats that kids cannot say no to. For your strawberry delight, blend the fruit with water and freeze the liquid in cute molders. 
Prepare a glass of milk daily
You might be thinking, “There’s vitamin C in milk?”
In a glass of Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink, there is. Because of its fortified formula, children can get 100% vitamin C by drinking one glass daily. This is in line with the FNRI’s recommendation that advises parents to give their kids milk every day because of the essential nutrients it provides.
Apart from vitamin C, Nestle Philippines has formulated Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink to include iron and zinc—Tibay Resistensya nutrients important to a child’s growth—which can help fight micronutrient deficiency in kids.
But for children to get the appropriate nutritional content of the drink, it is recommended to follow the Food and Drug Administration-approved step to put in three heaping tablespoons of powdered milk in a glass of 200ml water. 
Make the most out of the milk drink and pair it with three complete meals every day for kids to get the nutrients they need.
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