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Atio’s dog Lega by her master’s side on the last night of his wake

On the last night of the wake of Horacio ‘Atio’ Castillo III, his loyal dog Lega still won’t leave his side.

Senator Miguel Zubiri posted a photo of the golden retriever sitting at the foot of Atio’s coffin early Wednesday morning. “This scene is heartbreaking,” the senator wrote.


“Atio Castillo’s loyal dog Lega did not want to leave her best friend’s side last night at the last day of Atio’s wake. So sad,” continued the senator.

Last week on Facebook, Atio’s uncle, Gerardo Castillo, posted a photo of Lega  looking over Atio’s body. “Lega misses you so bad that she wants to kiss you but she cannot comprehend why you are no longer with her,” the elder Castillo wrote, adding the dog continues to go to Atio’s room wondering “why you have not come home yet.”

Castillo died after attending the "welcoming rites" of the Aegis Juris fraternity. Authorities had confirmed that he died of a massive heart attack possibly due to the injuries he suffered from hazing.

He will be laid to rest today. — LA, GMA News

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