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The house where true love lives

Lola Tuna and Lolo Benildo, an old couple in their 80s and 90s we met on tonight’s episode of "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho," proves that line off a Beatles song true: "All you need is love, and love is all you need."

In the mountains of Kabankalan, Bacolod, stands their run-down old hut. Its walls are full of holes, the columns that hold the house together are full of termites, and its bamboo-made floors are very weak.

The old hut where Lola Tuna and Lolo Benildo have been living for more than 30 years
The old hut where Lola Tuna and Lolo Benildo have been living for more than 30 years

Despite its sorry appearance, the couple refuses to abandon the home they’ve been living in for over 30 years.

It’s a testament to all the hard work they’ve put in the fields as farmers, they said. And besides, it’s the place they ran away to, in order to rebuild their lives after losing their only child.

Lola Tuna and Lolo Benildo once lived deeper in the mountains of Bacolod, where they first fell in love. They got married shortly and had a child, but as soon as Lola Tuna gave birth, the baby died.

So miserable, the couple fled their home and relocated to the lower part of the mountain.

And rebuild it, they did. Years passed until the two grew well into their old age, and their home, into destruction.

But still, they remain in the hut and they remain together.

Lola Tuna, who is almost senile and can’t quite walk, relies on Lolo Benildo to move around. He takes care of her, bathes her even, and makes sure she is always warm and dry.

They are so tender to each other that their love has rubbed on to their neighbors who share their food with the old couple and make sure they are alright.

One even volunteered to build them a new house, which they agreed to, on one condition: that the new house be built beside their old hut, which is not to be destroyed. — LA, GMA News